The City In You

The City In You

Lee Rogers

Feb 25 2022

Multi-instrumentalist and studio wizard Lee Rogers’ “The City In You”, co-produced by Ian Blurton. This double LP is a 20 song opus of masterful pop song craft with progressive rock tendencies and a Peter Gabriel meets Jeff Lynne vibe. The album is a comforting and lengthy listen in an era of disposable singles. 

Track Listing:

  1. Fine Lines
  2. A Lost Boy
  3. Oh How I Scare!
  4. On the Fly
  5. Old Keys
  6. Before and After
  7. Strong Enough
  8. Keep It
  9. Venetian Mask
  10. No Better End
  11. Ringing In My Ears
  12. Beautiful Beast
  13. Backtracking
  14. So Many Moves
  15. Beyond the Cove
  16. Self Portrait
  17. The Last Beatle
  18. Slow Decline
  19. Today’s Weather
  20. Nocturnal Daylight